The Teddy Bear or Puppy cut

The Teddy Bear or Puppy cut is a pet cut that's intended for pet owners who don't have the time to maintain a really awesome clip for their dogs (see

Don't confuse the Puppy cut with the (Poodle) Puppy clip that I describe later in this chapter, which applies only to show Poodles.

For the Teddy Bear cut, do the following:

1. Equip your electric clippers with a No. 30 blade and a snap-on guide comb for the length of coat you desired.

You can choose between a 1-inch, 1K-inch, or 2-inch guide comb, depending on how long you want your Poodle's hair.

2. Starting at the top of the eyebrows, run the clipper over the head and down the neck, following the lay of the hair.

Clip the entire body following the lay of the hair until it's even.

Trim the tail, but leave the face, ears, and jaw alone.

3. Switch to a No. 10 blade and trim the abdomen around the genitals. Be very careful!

4. Using scissors, finish trimming the rest of the coat.

5. Fluff the coat with a slicker brush or a comb.

6. Carefully trim hair around your dog's face.

If you want your Poodle to sport a mustache, trim both sides of your dog's face so that the mustache is even.

If you want your Poodle to sport a beard, shape the hair under the jaw with the scissors into the shape of a V.

Otherwise, use your clippers with a No. 15 blade to trim the jaw.

Puppy Cut Snap Combs

7. Trim the ears so that they hang in the shape of a U.

Keep your fingers between the skin and the scissors, using them as a guide to prevent you from cutting your dog's ears.

8. Blend in any transition areas where the hair goes from one length to another.

You can use your clippers with a No. 3F blade or thinning scissors.

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