Chapter Obedience training for your aggressive dog a primer

One of the best things you can do for your aggressive dog is to put him through obedience training. True, it's not a quick fix for all your doggie problems, but certainly it is the foundation for solving any canine problem. Besides, if you didn't know, training itself opens up a whole new channel of communication between you and your dog. By training your dog well you can instruct him to do whatever you want. Teach him to 'stay' or not rush out of the door; to 'sit' or not jump on visitors; to 'off or not chew the furniture and you've got yourself a very well trained dog!

Without training, your dog will behave in a very uncivilized manner, soiling your house, destroying your belongings, barking and howling excessively, digging holes in the yard, fighting with other dogs and even biting you. If you complain that your dog suffers from behavior problems, you must remember that such problems are perfectly normal activities that perhaps surface at the wrong time and place or are done to the wrong person for the wrong reasons. For instance, your dog may eliminate at your doorstep or he may bark at other times but not when he senses a prowler in your garden. By training him, you will teach your dog to redirect his natural behavior in acceptable ways in the home.

One more advantage of obedience training is establishing social hierarchy with ease. If you teach your dog a simple command such as "come here," by obeying you, he shows respect for you. You needn't establish yourself as the alpha leader by doing roll-over exercises with him, instead teach him to accept a subordinate position by teaching him to submit to you by shaking your hand (say to him, "Paw, Goldie,"), roll over on his back or lick your hand (kiss you). These are obedience commands that dogs usually love obeying. From their eagerness to obey you on these, they show that you are the alpha in their lives.

As a pet owner, it is your duty to make obedience training sessions fun and rewarding for you and your dog. Not only can it better your relationship and make life together enjoyable, you also have a well-trained and confident dog that can be taken just wherever you go.

If you have a snappy pup or adult dog, the surest way of him overcoming his aggression is to enroll him in obedience classes. Not only will he learn how to get over his waspish nature, he will also become very sociable and lovable too!

Though dogs do enjoy these classes, for some it could be stressful. Your aggressive dog may be tense and anxious, not knowing what to do and what's expected of him. If your dog yawns, that's a sign of tension.

While at home, practice all that you learn at class at home too—even just 15 minutes are quite enough.

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