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Brushing your APBT will get a lot of the dirt out of his coat, but dirt and oil can still build up, giving your dog a doggy smell. Regular bathing will keep him clean and smelling sweet. Years ago, the conventional wisdom was that bathing a dog regularly stripped the natural oils from his coat and skin, thereby making the skin and coat dry and unhealthy. Products available for dogs today have changed. Although you can still strip the oils from the skin and coat if you use a harsh soap for bathing your dog, most of the products today are better and gentler than the older ones. If you use a good-quality dog shampoo, you can bathe your dog regularly without harming his coat. After all, therapy dogs who make weekly visits to nursing homes must be bathed before each visit.

Treat your dog nicely when you give him a bath. If you decide to give your APBT a bath in the driveway with cold water out of the hose, you will have a battle on your hands. Your dog will hate baths and will struggle every time you try to get him wet. It's worth your time to pamper and spoil him a little, and make the bath warm and comfortable. In return, he won't fight you nearly as much. He may even learn to like it!

Take the dog shampoo and a couple of towels to your bathroom. Turn the water on in the tub and let it warm up. Then, with a leash on your dog, walk him to the bathroom. Help him into the tub and gently splash him with warm water. Talk nicely to him ("What a good boy!") as you get him wet. When he's wet,

New Products in the Fight Against Fleas

At one time, battling fleas meant exposing your dog and yourself to toxic dips, sprays, powders, and collars. But today there are flea preventives that work very well and are safe for your dog, you, and the environment. The two most common types are insect growth regulators (IGRs), which stop the immature flea from developing or maturing, and adult flea killers. To deal with an active infestation, experts usually recommend a product that has both.

These next-generation flea fighters generally come in one of two forms:

• Topical treatments or spot-ons. These products are applied to the skin, usually between the shoulder blades. The product is absorbed through the skin into the dog's system. Among the most widely available spot-ons are Advantage (kills adult fleas and larvae), Revolution (kills adult fleas), Frontline Plus (kills adult fleas and larvae, plus an IGR), K-9 Advantix (kills adult fleas and larvae), and BioSpot (kills adult fleas and larvae, plus an IGR).

• Systemic products. This is a pill your dog swallows that transmits a chemical throughout the dog's bloodstream. When a flea bites the dog, it picks up this chemical, which then prevents the flea's eggs from developing. Among the most widely available systemic products are Program (kills larvae only, plus an IGR) and Capstar (kills adult fleas).

lather up the shampoo, using your hand to rub it into his coat and skin, making sure to lather his entire body. Be careful you don't get any soap in his eyes.

When you rinse, begin at his head, letting the water run away from his nose, eyes, and ears. Hold each earflap close to his head to close one ear at a time as you rinse. Then rinse down the neck and chest, then back, belly, hips, and then finally his legs. Make sure you rinse thoroughly, getting all the soap off him. Any

Check your dog for fleas and ticks every day during the warm months.

soap remaining on his body or in his coat could cause him to itch and scratch, thereby creating sores.

When your dog is thoroughly rinsed, towel him off using the first towel to blot and get all the excess water and the second towel to dry him. When he's completely dry, you can brush him again with the bristle brush to remove any hairs loosened by the bath.

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