Cleaning Ears

Compared to trimming toenails and cleaning teeth, cleaning the ears is easy. Several commercial ear-cleaning solutions are available; just ask your veterinarian which one they recommend. Then dip a cotton ball in the solution, squeeze out the excess, and gently wipe the inside of your APBT's ears. If your APBT is dirty, you may have to use a couple of cotton balls per ear. Clean only the inside part of the ears that can be easily reached with the cotton ball; never force the cotton ball down inside the ear canal.

If the ear is very waxy or is red and sore, your ABPT may have an ear infection. Stop cleaning and call your veterinarian; he will want to see the ear before you clean it.

American Pit Balls
Regular cleaning will keep your dog's teeth white and healthy.

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Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

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