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At the first sign of diarrhea, remove all food from your APBT for twenty-four hours, but make sure she has a constant supply of fresh drinking water. If, after twenty-four hours, your APBT has not passed a stool at all or the stool appears firmer, give her a small portion of cooked rice with a bit of boiled chicken or cooked ground beef (drained of fat) mixed through it.

If, after the first twenty-four hours without food, your APBT still has diarrhea, or if you see blood in the stool or she vomits, lacks appetite, or has little interest in household activities, see your veterinarian immediately. Take a stool sample with you. To do so, turn a ziplock bag inside out and pick up a portion of stool. Turn the bag right side out, close it, and take it to your veterinarian while it is still fresh.

Do not wait twenty-four hours to take your APBT to the veterinarian if the diarrhea is severe. She needs immediate treatment if the diarrhea is liquid and has a vile odor, or if she has stomach pain or is straining in addition to the diarrhea.

Know what is the normal body temperature for your dog, and then call the vet if your APBT's temperature is higher or lower.

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Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

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