Homemade Diets

Some dog owners have begun feeding their dogs homemade diets because they feel they can provide better-quality ingredients in a diet tailored specifically for their individual dog. Some of these diets are made from raw ingredients (such as raw meats, complete with bones, and raw vegetables), while others are cooked foods.

Although many of these dog owners are very enthusiastic about the results, many veterinarians are still skeptical. Formulating a complete and balanced diet can be very difficult, and nutritional deficiencies often do not show up until a dog is quite sick.

If you would like to look into a homemade diet, do some research first. Talk to the owners of some dogs using these diets, get their recipes, and then do some Internet research and some reading. Any homemade diet will have to be carefully balanced, with all the right nutrients in just the right amounts. It requires a lot of research to make a proper homemade diet, but it can be done. It's best to work with a veterinary nutritionist.

It's not easy to prepare an entirely homemade diet for your dog, but it's also not impossible. Work with a veterinarian to get it just right.

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Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

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