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It is a myth that spaying or neutering makes a dog fat and lazy. Overfeeding and lack of exercise do that. In fact, spayed and neutered pets are often the best performers in obedience, agility, and other competitive events. Neutered males can

Why Spay and Neuter?

Breeding dogs is a serious undertaking that should only be part of a well-planned breeding program. Why? Because dogs pass on their physical and behavioral problems to their offspring. Even healthy, well-behaved dogs can pass on problems in their genes.

Is your dog so sweet that you'd like to have a litter of puppies just like her? If you breed her to another dog, the pups will not have the same genetic heritage she has. Breeding her parents again will increase the odds of a similar pup, but even then, the puppies in the second litter could inherit different genes. In fact, there is no way to breed a dog to be just like another dog.

Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of dogs are killed in animal shelters every year simply because they have no homes. Casual breeding is a big contributor to this problem.

If you don't plan to breed your dog, is it still a good idea to spay her or neuter him? Yes!

When you spay your female:

• You avoid her heat cycles, during which she discharges blood and scent.

• It greatly reduces the risk of mammary cancer and eliminates the risk of pyometra (an often fatal infection of the uterus) and uterine cancer.

• It prevents unwanted pregnancies.

• It reduces dominance behaviors and aggression.

When you neuter your male:

• It curbs the desire to roam and to fight with other males.

• It greatly reduces the risk of prostate cancer and eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.

• It helps reduce leg lifting and mounting behavior.

• It reduces dominance behaviors and aggression.

Spaying or neutering your dog solves a lot of problems before they start.

consistently keep their mind on their work, and spayed females can compete throughout the year without losing six to eight weeks when in season. Nearly all service dogs (guide dogs for the blind or deaf, and dogs who help the physically handicapped) are spayed or neutered.

It is not true that neutered males don't make good guardians. Not only will they loyally protect their homes and families, but they concentrate on their job better then males who have the scent of a female on their mind. Spayed females are also reliable guardians.

Cartoonists and comedians often get laughs by implying that male dogs think like humans and are sad or resentful about being "castrated." While such skits are funny at the comedy club, the concept is absolutely ridiculous in real life. Dogs don't have human feelings about romantic love and sex. Dogs don't miss the hormones that frustrated them and drove them to get into trouble. In fact, after they are neutered, most dogs become closer to their family, where they really want to be.

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