Older Children

The best age for a child to get a first dog is between 8 and 12. That's when kids are able to accept some real responsibility for their pet. Even so, take the child's vow of "I will never, ever forget to feed (brush, walk, etc.) the dog" for what it's worth: a child's good intention at that moment. Most kids today have extra lessons, soccer practice, Little League, ballet, and more piled on top of school schedules. There will be many times when Mom or Dad will have to come to the dog's rescue. "I walked the dog for you so you can set the table for me" is one way to get around a missed appointment without laying on blame or guilt.

Kids in this age group make excellent obedience trainers because they are into the teaching/learning process themselves and they lack the self-consciousness of adults. Older kids are also beginning to look to the future, and may envision themselves as veterinarians or trainers or show dog handlers or writers of the next Lassie best-seller. Dogs are perfect confidants for these dreams. They won't tell a soul.

Dog Training Basics

Dog Training Basics

Are you looking for the quick and easy ways to train your dog to follow whatever you asked him/her to? or maybe you are just sick and tired of your dog behavioral problems and misbehaved without listen to what you are commanding them to follow, then this will be the most important letter you'll ever read for today! If so, are you dreaming of owning a dog that's well behaved, obedient and protective?

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