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If you suspect that lameness is due to a fracture, take your APBT to your veterinarian immediately. Signs of a broken bone are holding the injured leg up off the ground, pain, swelling, a dangling or severely swollen leg, no use of the hind leg, or the dog's inability to move the injured leg.

To transport your dog, first put a muzzle on her, then move her carefully, trying not to aggravate the injured limb. To do this, place a blanket or other strong piece of material on the ground beside your APBT and gently, by the scruff of the neck, pull her onto the blanket. Two people (one at each end) can lift the blanket to put your APBT in the car for transport to the veterinarian.

• Your dog has unexplained swelling or redness

• Your dog's appetite changes

• Your dog vomits repeatedly and can't seem to keep food down, or drools excessively while eating

• You see any changes in your dog's urination or defecation (pain during elimination, change in regular habits, blood in urine or stool, diarrhea, foul-smelling stool)

• Your dog scoots her rear end on the floor

• Your dog's energy level, attitude, or behavior changes for no apparent reason

• Your dog has crusty or cloudy eyes, or excessive tearing or discharge

• Your dog's nose is dry or chapped, hot, crusty, or runny

• Your dog's ears smell foul, have a dark discharge, or seem excessively waxy

• Your dog's gums are inflamed or bleeding, her teeth look brown, or her breath is foul

• Your dog's skin is red, flaky, itchy, or inflamed, or she keeps chewing at certain spots

• Your dog's coat is dull, dry, brittle, or bare in spots

• Your dog's paws are red, swollen, tender, cracked, or the nails are split or too long

• Your dog is panting excessively, wheezing, unable to catch her breath, breathing heavily, or sounds strange when she breathes

Other causes of lameness that require veterinary attention are a deep cut that may need stitches or a puncture wound. In either case, your APBT must be treated to avoid infection.

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Pit Bulls as Pets

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