Young Children

Any dog in a house with kids will behave pretty much as the kids do, good or bad. But even good dogs and good children can get into trouble when play becomes rowdy and active.

Legs bobbing up and down, shrill voices screeching, a ball hurtling overhead, all add up to exuberant frustration for a dog who's just trying to be part of the gang. In a pack of puppies, any legs or toys being chased would be caught by a set of teeth, and all the pups involved would understand this is how the game is played. Kids do not understand this, nor do parents tolerate it. Separate the dogs and kids before you have reason to regret it. This is a time-out, not a punishment.

You can explain the situation to the children and tell them they must play quieter games until the puppy learns not to grab them with her mouth. Unfortunately, you can't explain it that easily to the dog. However, with adult supervision, they will learn how to play together.

Young children love to tease. Sticking their faces or wiggling their hands or fingers in the dog's face is teasing. To another person it might be just annoying, but it is threatening to a dog. We can make the child stop with an explanation, but the only way a dog can make a child stop is with a warning growl and then with teeth. Teasing is the major cause of children being bitten by their pets. Treat it seriously, because the APBT could pay for it with her life.

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Pit Bulls as Pets

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