10 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Apple cider vinegar gives you an easy way to be more healthy, and gives you the opportunity to lose a lot of weight without having to put much effort at all into the process. That is just one of the benefits that this ebook guide will outline. All too often pharmaceutical drugs can cause massive kidney damage, which is why many people would rather use more natural healing agents, as opposed to causing damage to their systems by using too many dangerous drugs. Since the days of Hippocrates, vinegar has been used for healing properties. You will learn all about the side effects, healing properties, and uses of apple cider vinegar. You no longer have to use dangerous pharm drugs in an attempt to heal yourself You do not any pharmacist trying to push drugs on you that you don't need All you have to is use a vinegar to heal yourself! It really doesn't take much! Read more here...

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Dogs Aggressive with Strange Dogs

Spray Bottle With Dog

Just like people, not all dogs get along. Your goal should be to have your dog walk politely by another dog, keeping his attention on you. Start feeding your dog the minute you spot another dog, before your dog sees the other dog, and keep feeding him until the other dog is past. Use your Gentle Leader to break eye contact with the other dog. No Gentle Leader Just turn around abruptly and head in the other direction. Another useful tool is the vinegar and water spray bottle (described in chapter 8), used just as your dog sees another dog and before he lunges or barks. It is beyond the scope of this book to describe a complete desensitization and counter-conditioning program.

Preparation Cooking

Place bones on rack in bottom of pressure cooker and add three cups water, one cup apple cider vinegar. Cover and set to 10 pounds pressure for one hour. Let cool, then uncover, remove rack, and break up chicken bones using durable spoon or potato masher. Add all leftover ingredients and stir, heating on low. Cook for 15 minutes, then let cool before serving. Store in an airtight container in refrigerator.

An accident is an accident is an accident

When you come upon an accident, always keep calm. Put your dog out of sight so he can't watch you clean up. Use white vinegar or a stain remover. Don't use any ammonia-based cleaners, because the ammonia doesn't neutralize the odor and the puppy will be attracted to the same spot.

Excessive Barking

If your dog's barking has reached the point of hysteria, you might want to try the spray bottle technique described above in the section on jumping up. As before, fill it with a 50-50 mixture of distilled white vinegar and water. Give the command to stop barking, then spray him in the face. He is bound to stop, if only for a millisecond, but be sure to praise him when he does.

Homemade Products

You can easily concoct cleaning up solutions made from household products. Mix one part of vinegar to three parts of warm water from the faucet and one cap of liquid detergent, like Ivory. Bicarbonate of soda is also very useful since it can absorb most of the liquid. All you have to do next is to vacuum it. You can also use a cold-wash laundry detergent that contains enzymes that you will mix with enough water to dissolve the powder.


There are products on the market that can be used to mask the odor of a dog's housetraining accidents. It's important to eliminate this scent indoors, as dogs like to go to the bathroom in the same area repeatedly. Nature's Miracle is the name of the original solution, although your pet store may carry other effective products. A 50-percent mixture of vinegar and water also works well.

Leave It No Stealing

Pretend you are not paying attention. Tell him to leave it. If he does not, you can correct him in a number of ways. You can just grab him by his collar and pull him away. If you don't think you'll be quick enough to do this, let him drag his leash. You can also use a spray bottle filled with half water and half white distilled vinegar. If he tries to grab the sandwich, spray him in the face. When your dog backs away and possibly sits, reward him with a low-level treat, like a dog biscuit. The spray bottle is a great tool for counter surfing dogs or dogs who jump up while you are eating.

Cleaning Up

The best cleaning products are those specially designed for this purpose. They are available in pet stores or sometimes at veterinarians. Bacteria enzyme products work best. Look for this on the label. If you are doing a good job with housebreaking and accidents are kept to a minimum, it may not be necessary to purchase such a product. Instead you can use a mixture of half water and half white distilled vinegar. This is convenient to use if kept in a spray bottle. Whatever you use, blot up the urine well. Do it as soon as possible to prevent the urine from spreading deeper into the carpet. Remove as much moisture as possible. Then follow the directions on the pet stain cleaning product or spray with the vinegar-water mixture. Blot some more, then place a thick stack of paper towels on the spot and weigh it down with a heavy book. Put aluminum foil or plastic wrap between the book and towels to protect the book.


Of course, some dogs steal food off counters just because they'd like a snack. The best solution for this is not to leave food on counters This is what microwaves are for storing countertop food. The vinegar and water spray bottle sprayed at the second a dog sniffs the counter, before he even jumps up, works well. The best time to teach this is when puppies are young and impressionable, about 12 weeks old. You can find alarms in Radio Shack or dog supply catalogs that sense motion that can alert you to a sneaky dog.

Vinegar For Your Health

Vinegar For Your Health

A resource for the many ways you can use Vinegar to improve your health! In today's society of miracle medicine, we often overlook things that have been around hundreds of years! Things like Vinegar!

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