This isa monumental work arising from the love of dogs and the pursuit of knowledge. Cynophiles, academics, animal behaviorists (with and without institutional degrees), literate dog owners, and anyone who has ever wanted to know something specific or just plain more about dogs are indebted to Steve Lindsay for this labor of love.

This treatise is an encyclopedia about dogs: in-depth reviews and interpretations of the literature pertaining to the dog's history, physiology, behavior, and interactions with people, and explanations and evaluations of training procedures, management strategies, and problem-solving techniques. This book is not limited to a review of the literature about dogs but also discusses basic scientific disciplines and discoveries with other species that pertain to understanding dogs. It is obvious that Steve Lindsay has thoroughly read and analyzed every publication he has referenced—an increasing rarity in today's press. The summaries of research papers or theoretical discussions will suffice for some readers, but others will be compelled to obtain the original works and read them.

Very practical and important aspects of this book are Steve Lindsay's training, treatment, and management strategies regarding dog behavior. Steve's broad experiences in the dog world have enabled him to integrate valuable components of a variety of training and management procedures. The techniques are explained very thoroughly and in sufficient detail that an educated person should be able to understand and implement them. His approaches are designed to achieve a satisfying human-dog relationship from the perspective of both species.

This handbook will help dog owners and many, many canine behavior consultants/ counselors and trainers. It will also stimulate further discussion, observation, research, and analyses, ultimately leading to more knowledge about dog behavior and human-dog interactions. I consider it the most valuable publication about dogs since Scott and Fuller's classic text Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog, published in 1965.

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