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Once your dog is thoroughly brushed, gather together all the tools you will need. You need shampoo, conditioner (if your dog's coat is dry or tangles easily), several absorbent towels, and, if it's cool, a hair dryer (many hair dryers have a cool setting). If your dog is anxious about baths, have a few good treats within reach.

Test the water before putting your dog in the tub. It should feel warm but not hot. Lift your dog into the tub, praise her for being brave, and pop a treat into her mouth. Put a cotton ball in each of her ears to prevent water from running in. Using a handheld spray nozzle, wet your dog thoroughly.

Begin working shampoo into her coat, starting at the head and working down her back toward her tail and down each leg. Don't forget under the chest, the belly, and between the back legs. When she's covered with shampoo, give her a quick massage all over to loosen the dirt.

Brush your dog thoroughly prior to bathing. Nyssa, a Shetland Sheepdog, owned by Bruce and Margaret Reinbolt.

7. Begin rinsing at her head, tilting the head so that the water runs away from her eyes and ears. Work the coat with one hand as you rinse with the other. Make sure all the soap is rinsed out.

8. If you're using a conditioner, rub it into the coat now. Again, use your hands to give the dog a massage so the conditioner spreads evenly throughout the coat. (Conditioner is most effective on coats that can tangle; it makes the hair coat slicked and easier to brush out.) Rinse out the conditioner, using the same technique you used for the shampoo.

10. Use one of the towels to blot the excess water off the dog before you take her out of the tub.

11. Put that damp towel on the floor or table, lift the dog out of the tub, and place her on that towel. Using a dry towel, get her as dry as possible.

Use the hair dryer to get her as dry as you can, especially if the house is chilly. If your dog is worried about the hair dryer, use it in short spurts and keep a supply of treats at hand. Praise her for being brave. Once the dog is dry, brush and then comb her.

Most experts recommend bathing a dog only when she needs it. If she gets into something dirty, rolls in the mud, or smells doggy, bathe her. Sometimes dogs need to bathed more often. Dogs participating in dog shows, for example, must be freshly bathed and groomed prior to each show. Therapy dogs must be clean before each visit. Frequent bathing can dry the skin, so choose a gentle shampoo and conditioner that will keep the skin and coat healthy.

Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

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