There are several types of bleeding. Some are more serious than others, but all require some care.

♦ A bruise occurs when blood vessels under the skin are damaged or broken and the skin remains intact. The blood will pool under skin. Place an ice pack on the bruise for fifteen minutes and then remove. After fifteen minutes with the ice pack off, repeat. Continue the fifteen-minute cycle on and off until it appears that the bleeding under the skin has stopped.

♦ Bleeding from small scrapes, scratches, and cuts is not life threatening but these still need care. Wipe off the wound with clean water. Make sure no hair or dirt is in the wound. If the wound is still bleeding, apply direct pressure with a clean gauze pad. When the oozing has stopped, apply an antibiotic ointment. If the wound is gaping, call your veterinarian to see if stitches are needed.

♦ If a wound is oozing blood and direct pressure does not stop the bleeding, your veterinarian will need to see it. Use several layers of clean gauze and put direct pressure on the wound. Have someone drive you and your dog to the vet's clinic.

♦ Bleeding in spurts is very dangerous; a blood vessel has been damaged. A small dog can bleed to death very quickly and even a large dog can be in danger faster than you can imagine. Although in the past tourniquets were used to stop or slow this type of bleeding, today most veterinarians do not recommend them, as damage to the limb can be equally dangerous with no blood flow. Instead, use pressure with a gauze pad and get the dog to a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

♦ Internal bleeding is very difficult to detect and yet is very dangerous. If your dog has had a traumatic injury, such as a kick to the body by a horse, or has been hit by a car, assume that he's been injured and get him to the veterinarian right away. Symptoms may include restlessness, panting, a distended abdomen, bloody saliva, bloody vomit, or bloody diarrhea.

Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

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