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One of the things that makes a relationship with a dog so unique is the bond that develops. A dog and owner who are bonded with each other have a genuine concern for each other's well being and happiness. Although people can bond with other animals, particularly horses and cats, those bonds are not usually as strong as the bonds we develop with dogs. That bond is what causes a police dog to give his life for his partner, or what causes a family dog to stay inside a smoke-filled house barking wildly to wake his owners when he easily could have run outside. Although some people do own dogs without developing a bond with the dog, that relationship is never what it could have been.

The ideal age for bonding is between 8 and 12 weeks of age, and this bonding takes time. As you handle your new dog, petting, brushing, and playing gently with him, he learns to trust you. You also get to know him; you learn what he likes and doesn't like, and you learn what his reactions are to new situations.

If you have adopted an older puppy or adult dog, he can still bond with you even if he had bonded with his previous owners. Once a dog has bonded with someone, he can bond again. The difficulty arises when a dog who has never made a connection with people is adopted. Whether or not he can ever bond depends on many things, including his history with people and how he's been treated, his breed and its tendency to bond (or not), and his individual personality. Be patient, consistent, and kind in your handling of this dog, and give him time.

The ability to bond with people is shared by all dog breeds, but the bond's strength can vary. Some breeds tend to bond more strongly to just one person, while other breeds will bond with the entire family. Still other breeds, when well socialized, will bond with everyone they spend time with. As a general rule, the breeds developed to work with people, taking directions on a daily basis, bond more strongly than those breeds developed to work alone, making their own decisions.

Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

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