halter, 76 Harrier, 260 Havanese, 261 head halter, 76 heartworms, 46-47 heatstroke, 55 Heel command, 83-84 herbal remedies, 44 homeopathy, 44 hookworms, 47 hormone imbalance, 91 hormones, biting behavior, 108 hound glove, 62 housetraining, 3, 36, 91 Hovawart, 262

Ibizan Hound, 263 ibuprofen, 57 Icelandic Sheepdog, 264 identification tags, 23 illness, biting behavior, 108 injury, biting behavior, 108 insect bites/stings, 56 insecticides, 57 internal parasites, 46-47 introducing your dog. See socialization Irish Red and White Setter, 265 Irish Setter, 15, 266 Irish Terrier, 267 Irish Water Spaniel, 268-269 Irish Wolfhound, 270 Italian Greyhound, 271

jackpots, special treats, 83 Jack Russell Terrier, 16, 272-273. See also Parson Russell Terrier Jagd Terrier, 274 Japanese Chin, 15, 61, 275 jumping, 96-97

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Dog Potty Training

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