^^ N have been teaching dog obedience classes for dog owners and their dogs for more f ) M than twenty-five years and have been involved in purebred dog rescue efforts for

^------^ almost as long. I have been writing about dogs professionally since 1985-

Unfortunately, far too often I see owners and dogs who are horribly mismatched. Some owners are too soft and passive for a very pushy, dominant breed. Some cannot provide enough exercise for a high-activity breed, while others expect something the dog simply cannot give. These relationships rarely succeed, which is very sad. When questioned, many owners say, "No one told me that about the breed!" or, worse yet, the dog was acquired with no research having been done at all.

In the ideal world, I envision a dog and owner well-suited to each other, forming a partnership unlike any other. The dog would be in a home where he is loved for life and treasured for what he is. This book is, I hope, a huge step in that direction.

Caring For A Healthy Dog

Caring For A Healthy Dog

This ebook on “Perfect handbook for imperfect dog owners” emphasizes the pet owner to offer good care to his or her pet and also gives solutions for unresolved problems.

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