Temper Tantrums

Puppies (and young adult dogs) can throw temper tantrums when things don't go their way. Perhaps you took a chew toy away from your dog or told her that she wasn't allowed on the sofa, and she began barking, crying, growling, and throwing herself around. A temper tantrum is bad behavior. You do not want to ignore a temper tantrum, nor do you want to give your dog what she wants. You need to handle this carefully; if you are aggressive to your dog, you could make it worse. Calmly remove your dog from the situation (away from the toy or away from the sofa) and put her in a quiet place to calm down. Her crate is fine. Leave her for fifteen minutes or so, and let her out with the leash hooked to her collar. If she behaves herself, great. If she's still angry and tries to get her way again, use the leash to control her and have her do a Down-Stay or some other obedience commands. If she throws another tantrum, put her back in her crate.

If the puppy attempts to mouth or bite during grooming, hold the puppy by the scruff of the neck by one hand as you close her mouth with the other hand as you tell her, "Ack! No bite!" Don't be rough; don't be aggressive; simply convey what you want the puppy to learn.

Supervise all play with the puppy and the children in the family (and their friends). When the puppy gets too stimulated and wants to chase and mouth the kids, take the puppy away. Put her in her crate for a timeout and let her relax a while. Never leave the puppy (or dog) and young kids alone.

If you have an older puppy or dog who tries to bite either you, your family, or other people, don't waste any time—call a professional trainer or behaviorist for help. A biting dog is a major problem that must be dealt with right away.

Dogs jump on people to greet them face to face. Young or subordinate dogs lick the muzzle of older more dominant dogs; it's a greeting and a sign of respect. Unfortunately, dogs don't realize that jumping on people can ruin clothes and that hard nails can scratch skin. In worst case scenarios, a jumping dog can knock down a person, potentially causing injury.

If a dog is continually corrected for jumping, perhaps by being kneed in the chest, yelled at, or even by having his paws grabbed and held tightly, his anxiety about greeting this person or persons is going to increase. It's important to teach the dog how to greet people in an acceptable way where she can perform her greeting rituals and be greeted in return. When this happens, her need to jump up disappears.

If the dog is off leash, as she runs toward you, make sure your hands are empty (drop your purse or briefcase). As she begins to jump, grab the scruff of her neck; all that loose skin is a great handle

Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

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