Personalities and Activity Levels

One of the keys to a successful relationship with a dog is to try to match your personality and activity level with that of a dog breed. If you are a calm, quiet person, nothing is more annoying than a dog bouncing up and down, barking, and begging you to do something all the time. Although some differences in personality and activity levels can be good—a dog slightly more active and extroverted than you may get you outside more—too many differences are frustrating and aggravating.

Excited and Extroverted

These breeds are normally easily excited; they react to doorbells with vigor. They are also extroverts in the full sense of the word. As far as these breeds are concerned, the world is theirs!

♦ Parson Russell and Jack Russell Terriers

♦ Pomeranian

♦ Scottish Terrier

♦ Silky Terrier

♦ West Highland White Terrier

♦ Yorkshire Terrier

Here, There, and Everywhere!

These are active, curious breeds who want to explore the world. They will relax but don't really want to make relaxing a habit.

♦ Cocker Spaniel

♦ Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers

♦ Miniature Pinscher

♦ Miniature Schnauzer

♦ Shetland Sheepdog

♦ Silky Terrier

Shetland Sheepdog Haircut
Every dog needs a job to do, although it's more important for some breeds than others. Riker, an Australian Shepherd (with a haircut), owned by Liz Palika, bred by Kathy Usher.

Give a Dog a Job

These dogs have a strong hunting, herding, or working heritage and are happiest with a job to do. That might be as simple as obedience training or structured play, or may even be a easy as bringing in the newspaper each morning. These dogs need to feel needed.

♦ Australian Shepherd

♦ Border Collie

♦ Doberman Pinscher

♦ English Springer Spaniel

♦ German Shepherd Dog

Golden Retriever

♦ Rottweiler

♦ Shetland Sheepdog

Calmer, More Laid-Back Breeds

Although these breeds are happy to play and more than willing to get into trouble should it head their way, these breeds can also tend toward the couch potato lifestyle.


Alaskan Malamute

Basset Hound



Chow Chow

Great Dane





Saint Bernard

Affectionate Shadows

Although most dogs prefer to be close to their owners, some breeds are more demanding about it than others. These dogs, if isolated too much, will usually develop behavior problems.

♦ Australian Shepherd

♦ Border Collie

♦ Cocker Spaniel

♦ Doberman Pinscher

♦ German Shepherd Dog

♦ Golden Retriever

♦ Shetland Sheepdog

Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

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