Preventing and Solving Problems

lthough most dog owners would love to have a relationship with their dog in which nothing ever goes wrong, unfortunately, at some point in their lives, most dogs do get into trouble. Dogs jump on people, smearing them with dirt or mud and knocking down small children or the elderly. They bark, creating bad feelings between neighbors. Dogs destroy things that don't belong to them and dig holes in the lawn. And there's more, such as food guarding, mouthing, leg lifting, mounting, and trash-can raiding. At times, dogs can seem downright uncivilized!

It is important to remember that dogs are dogs. They are not people in fuzzy dog suits. All the behaviors we feel are problems are very normal behaviors for dogs. They bark to communicate, jump up on people to greet them face to face as they would other dogs, urinate to mark territory, and so on. However, just because dogs do these things normally doesn't mean that we have to tolerate these actions.

What Can You Do?

The key to controlling most problem behaviors is to manage your dog and her environment so that you can teach her more desirable behaviors. It is much easier to make a few changes in your dog's life and yours, perhaps even to your home or your schedule, so that you can prevent problems from occurring. Then, simultaneously, teach your dog something she can do, and will enjoy doing, in

Pics All Varities Dogs
Good aerobic daily exercise is good for all healthy dogs but is more important to dogs prone to bad behaviors. Silken Windhounds, Ch. Talisman's Byzantine Empire, owned and bred by Joyce Chin, and Kristull Rhett Ronan, owned by Stephanie Gallenson, bred by Francie Stull.

place of the problem behavior. At the same time, though, it's important to understand that many things can lessen the incidences of problem behaviors.

Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

Are You Under The Negative Influence Of Hyped Media Stereotypes When It Comes To Your Knowledge Of Pit Bulls? What is the image that immediately comes into your mind when you think of the words Pit Bull? I can almost guarantee that they would be somewhere close to fierce, ferouscious, vicious, killer, unstoppable, uncontrollable, or locking jawed man-eaters.

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