The Sit position, where your dog's hips are on the ground while his shoulders remain up, is the foundation of everything else your dog will do. Sit is also the replacement action for jumping up on people. With your dog on leash and the leash held in one hand, show your dog the treat held in the other hand. Let him sniff the treat. As he's sniffing, tell him, "Fido, sit," and move the treat back over his head. As his head comes up, his hips will move down. When he's sitting, praise him— "Good to sit!"—and pop the treat in his mouth. After a few seconds, tell your dog, "Fido, release," and encourage him to get up.

Practice the Sit five times and then take a break. Come back later and do it again. When your dog is beginning to Sit nicely on command, start using it. Have him Sit at the door before you let him go outside; sitting nicely will stop him from charging through the door. Have him Sit before he comes inside for the same reason. Plus, if the weather is bad outside, you can towel him off before you let him inside. Have him Sit before you feed him so he doesn't try to jump on you for his food. Look at your routine with your dog and have him Sit in any situation where you could use more control.

Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

Are You Under The Negative Influence Of Hyped Media Stereotypes When It Comes To Your Knowledge Of Pit Bulls? What is the image that immediately comes into your mind when you think of the words Pit Bull? I can almost guarantee that they would be somewhere close to fierce, ferouscious, vicious, killer, unstoppable, uncontrollable, or locking jawed man-eaters.

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