Smooth Coat and Wirehaired Coat

he Ibizan Hound's history can be traced back to 3400 B.C. in ancient Egypt, where artifacts from many well-known tombs bear a striking resemblance to today's dogs. What is unknown is how the breed went from Egypt to the island of Ibiza where the breed got its name.

This sighthound is an athlete with a body and legs made for running. An Ibizan Hound stands between 22.5 and 27.5 inches and weighs 45 to 50 pounds. The head is long and narrow, with amber eyes, a pink nose, and large, upright, uncropped ears. The back is level, and the chest is deep. The tail is long and sickle-shaped. There are two coat types—smooth and wirehaired. Coat colors include white and red, solid white or red, or any combination.

Both coat types require twice weekly brushing to keep them neat and clean.

Ibizan puppies are very active and quite silly; they love to play. Although adults are not quite as busy, they still enjoy a good run and should get a chance to run off leash in a safe place at least once a day. Young Ibizans who do not get enough exercise will get into trouble and can be problem chewers.

This breed can be wary with strangers, so early socialization is very important. Training should begin early, too, to deter some of the puppy antics that might otherwise occur. Ibizan puppies mature quite slowly, so training should continue into adulthood. The breed's active body and bright mind make it a wonderful participant in many canine sports, including lure coursing, flyball, flying disc, and agility.

This breed needs a well-fenced-in yard to keep it safe, as it is a natural hunter. The owner should be active and want to do things with the dog; the Ibizan does not do well when left alone for hours each day. Adult Ibizans are good with children, but puppies can be rowdy. Although good with other dogs, this breed has a strong prey drive and so should not be trusted with smaller pets. Health concerns include sensitivities to medications.

Breed in Brief

Registries: AKC, UKC, CKC Occupation: Sighthound Size: 22.5 to 27.5 in tall; 45

to 50 lbs Longevity: 11 to 13 years Exercise: Moderate Training: Moderate Grooming: Easy

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Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

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