The Realities of Dog Ownership

Before you go looking for a dog, make sure you understand the realities of dog ownership. It can require a major change to your family, your schedule, your household routine, and, perhaps most importantly, your budget. On the positive side of dog ownership, a dog will make you laugh and will provide companionship. A dog will help you get more exercise and will increase your social opportunities. After all, it's impossible to go for a walk with a dog without at least one person commenting on what a wonderful dog you have! However, a dog is also a responsibility that you will need to take seriously because this dog is dependent on you for everything.

Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

Are You Under The Negative Influence Of Hyped Media Stereotypes When It Comes To Your Knowledge Of Pit Bulls? What is the image that immediately comes into your mind when you think of the words Pit Bull? I can almost guarantee that they would be somewhere close to fierce, ferouscious, vicious, killer, unstoppable, uncontrollable, or locking jawed man-eaters.

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