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Adding a dog to your life will change your life. For some people, it changes drastically. You will need to dog-proof your home because a dog's tail can clear a coffee table of knickknacks in one wag. Puppies and young dogs like to chew and do not discriminate between leather chew toys and leather shoes. You will have to learn to put things away, close closet doors, and put up baby gates to head off trouble. Teaching a dog what is allowed to be touched and what isn't takes time, and during that time you'll need to prevent problems.

You'll have to dog-proof the backyard, too, by putting away tools and making sure that the kids keep their toys cleaned up, because those could easily become attractive chew toys. Also, keep in mind that dogs dig, so if you have a favorite garden, you'll want to put a fence around it.

A dog, and especially a puppy, may try your patience time and again. You can't lose your temper; that is never effective, and it won't help your dog learn. Instead, you'll have to learn to control your emotions when problems happen and learn how to train your dog effectively.

Life with a dog isn't all problems, though. Dogs are great social icebreakers. It's almost impossible to go for a walk without stopping to talk about your dog with at least one person. If you have a puppy, you'll be stopped even more because puppies are cute. Floppy ears, big eyes, and a wagging tail are irresistible.

It has been medically proven time and again that laughter is good for us. It helps us mentally and physically, releasing endorphins that make us feel better and lift our spirits. Dogs are great for making us laugh. Clumsy puppies are always doing something funny, from tripping over their own paws to discovering the fun of new toys. Dogs can make us laugh and often will do so on purpose.

Researchers have found that owning a dog is good for us. Petting a dog elevates our mental outlook (brightens our mood) and lowers our blood pressure. Several studies have shown that heart-attack victims who owned dogs had a much longer survival rate than those who didn't own dogs.

Dog owners may be more active, going for walks with their dogs; or perhaps these positive results are simply due to dog owners laughing more often. Dog owners may have more social interaction with other people, which is healthier than social isolation. Personally, I think dogs help us feel needed, wanted, and loved, and that's enough motivation for most people to fight illness or injury.

Adopting A Dog

Adopting A Dog

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