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Tug o' War Rules

For years we have been told not to play tug 'o war with our dogs. We were told it would make them aggressive & we'd end up getting bitten. Yet, many of us played it anyway with no problems. How come? Well, because most of us played by the rules, even if unknowingly. And if you play by the rules, tug games are not only acceptable but should be encouraged as a great way to play with your dog!

Tug games provide great exercise (for both of you) and can be played inside in a small area. Quick games of tug are great rewards for obedience training, too! However, there are some very important rules which MUST be followed. If you don't, you may very well up with a dog that becomes unacceptably aggressive.

Be cautioned, as well, that I still don't recommend tug games for dogs that are already showing aggression toward their owners! But for the average pet who isn't having dominance issues at home, tug games are great.

90 Dog Training Tips

90 Dog Training Tips

You will receive tips on basic commands, tips on leash and collar, tips on eliminating howling, tips on respect and confidence, tips on house training, tips for dogs to stop chewing, tips for stop chasing cars and tips for separation anxiety.

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