A companion to dens Dog beds for Dachsies

If you're talking aesthetics, dog beds (see Figure 8-1 for an example) are much nicer looking than crates and kennels. Some Dachshunds love them — especially the beds that are more enclosed. (Many Dachshunds, especially Minis, like those cushy, semi-enclosed cat beds.) If you want to (and can) get yours used to a bed, that's fine. You can buy some beautiful ones — even furniture-quality wooden beds sized just for small dogs.

Figure 8-1: Some Dachshunds, like these longhairs, like to call dog beds home.

ABEfl But even if your dog sleeps in a dog bed, she'll still appreciate and use a den. You'll appreciate it, too, when you suddenly need to confine your Dachshund for her own safety, when housetraining becomes a nightmare, or when you find that your Dachshund won't come out from under the kitchen chair because it's the closest thing to an enclosed den she can find.

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