Accentuating the positive

Most people use a combination of training methods for their dogs, depending on the situation. Here are the most common methods of training:

1 Positive reinforcement rewards desired behavior with something the dog wants, such as a treat or praise.

1 Negative reinforcement rewards desired behavior by removing an unpleasant condition — like when you release a choke chain after your dog sits.

1 Punishment discourages undesired behavior by inflicting something undesirable, such as a scolding.

1 Extinction doesn't reinforce undesired behavior — like when you ignore your Dachshund when she jumps up on you.

Positive reinforcement used in conjunction with extinction is considered by many contemporary trainers to be the most effective, fast, and humane method of dog training. When your Dachshund does something you want her to do, reward her immediately and heap on the praise. When she does something she isn't supposed to do, don't reinforce the behavior. Completely ignore her. She'll hate that.

Of course, if she's doing something dangerous or damaging, you have to stop her immediately. Whisk her outside before she eliminates on your carpet or remove her jaws from your table leg. Accompany your removal with a firm "No!" But don't make a big deal about it. She won't understand, she'll get scared, and even if she does learn not to chew the table in your presence (because that's the only time she gets punished for it), she won't understand that she shouldn't ever chew on the table.

iBEfl One of the most important things to remember when communicating with your Dachshund is consistency. If you praise your Dachshund for obeying your command one day and then ignore her for obeying your command the next day, she won't get it. If you refuse to let her on your bed one day and then let her on your bed the next day, she won't get that, either. Make the rules and stick to them. If you must change them, keep them changed. Dachshunds don't understand waffling.

Dog Training Basics

Dog Training Basics

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