Allowing for nap time

After the first potty break, the initial tour, snack, and introductions, your new Dachshund is probably exhausted. Time for a nap. This is your first opportunity to get your Dachshund used to his den. Put the den where you plan to keep it and let your puppy sniff around. Throw a few pieces of kibble inside and let him go in after them. Don't slam the door behind him; let him come in and out for a few minutes. If it's been awhile, take him outside to his special bathroom spot for another chance to eliminate. When you return, be sure the den is lined with a soft blanket, cushion, or mat and insert your Dachshund. Gently close the door.


You may hear whining. You may hear crying. You may hear frantic barking. Reassure your puppy in a gentle voice that everything is okay but that it's time for a nap. You can stay nearby for a bit if you don't make a fuss and you can ignore the whining. When you leave the room, be strong. Let him whine. He may not know he needs a break, but he does. Leave him there for at least 20 minutes — longer if he falls asleep.

When your Dachshund is inside his den, let him be inside. Don't talk to him or otherwise disturb him. Because a dog can't properly interact with you while in his den, talking to him can cause him anxiety, especially as he's getting used to his new situation.

When he wakes up, let him out immediately so he doesn't associate the den with too much unpleasantness at first. Take him directly outside to his special spot for a potty break and then come back in again for more fun and exploration.

Now you can play or try your first training session — something very simple, such as raising a piece of kibble above your puppy's head to make him sit as you say "Sit." (Chapter 14 has more on basic commands, including Sit.)

How To Housetrain Any Dog

How To Housetrain Any Dog

Fundamentals of Dog and Puppy Training. Although dogs shouldn't be attributed with having human characteristics, they are intelligent enough to be able to understand the concept of, and execute, certain actions that their owners require of them - if these actions are asked in a way that dogs find rewarding.

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