Dachshund Bloat

Bloat, or gastric torsion, is an emergency condition that happens most often to deep-chested breeds like Dachshunds. For unknown reasons, the stomach fills with gas and then twists on itself. Without treatment, bloat is fatal. If your Dachshund suddenly starts pacing, salivating, and acting upset, nervous, or in pain — or it just seems like something is very wrong — suspect bloat. Call your vet immediately. Emergency surgery could save your dog's life.

Some experts theorize that you can prevent bloat by keeping a dog from eating too quickly or from drinking too much water right after a meal. To reduce the chance of a bloat incident, some recommend feeding two or three meals per day rather than one. This helps your Dachshund to be less hungry and less likely to gulp down his food. Preventing eating and drinking too fast immediately before or after exercise may also help, although nobody knows for sure.

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