Continuing your work at home

Obedience classes work best when you work every day with your Dachshund at home. Consider it homework. In fact, most obedience instructors really will give you homework assignments. When your teacher tells you to practice twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes, she means it. Otherwise, you'll find that obedience classes have little if any effect on your Dachshund's behavior. Beyond the essential element of a positive and fun approach, obedience training is all about two key concepts: consistency and persistency.

The ideal situation is holding two training sessions each day, but even one 5- or 10-minute session per day (adult dogs usually can't concentrate for much longer, and puppy sessions may be much shorter) goes a long way toward establishing a training ritual for you and your Dachshund. Make training just as important as brushing your teeth (and brushing your Dachshund's teeth!). Do it every day; you won't regret it.

But what do you do every day? A good obedience instructor will give you plenty of suggestions — maybe even a detailed format for your homework. The training she gives you may resemble some of the exercises in the following section. And if you haven't registered for your classes yet or you just want some variation, the puppy lessons in the following section are just what you need.

Caring For Your Dog

Caring For Your Dog

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