Conventions Used in This Book

Every For Dummies book follows certain conventions, and in this book, I do a few things to make your reading easier and more fun. These conventions include the following:

^ I use italics to highlight words I go on to define for you, and when I include key words in a list, I put them in boldface.

^ You'll find all Web and e-mail addresses in monofont.

^ Sometimes I call Dachshunds by their common nickname, "Dachsies." Some people also spell this nickname "Doxies."

^ When you see "Mini," don't think that I'm just being playful with the Dachshund's small size. This is a shortened version of Miniature, which is a type of Dachshund.

^ In general, when referring to Dachshunds, I alternate between male and female pronouns between chapters. In other words, Dachsies will be "he" in some chapters and "she" in others.

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