Dachshunds Cant Obey What They Dont Understand

If only you could tell your Dachsie, "Listen here, Gertrude. When you feel the urge to eliminate, please let me know ahead of time and I'll let you outside." Or, "This is the deal, Otto. When I say 'Sit,' you plant your rump on the ground and stay there. And when I say 'Come,' you run right over here as fast as you can. If you do, I'll really like it a lot."

Sadly, dog training isn't that easy. But it isn't too hard, either. The first thing you have to realize is that your Dachshund doesn't speak English. Okay, sure, you know that. But have you really considered what it means? It means that your Dachshund isn't being defiant the first time you say "Sit" and she just stares at you with a look that says, "What planet are you from?" She just doesn't know what you're talking about. Her mother didn't tell her to Sit. How is she supposed to understand?

And, even if your Dachshund has learned "Come" in the living room, she may not understand that when she smells a juicy squirrel dashing through the park and runs madly after it and you shriek "Come!" hysterically that you expect the same response as you did in the living room. (And no matter how much you practice, your Dachshund may still chase that squirrel, so keep her leash on outside!)

Teaching your Dachshund what behavior you expect when you say certain words takes work and plenty of consistent practice. It also takes a certain degree of showing before the telling alone will work.


Never hold a grudge against your Dachshund. After a few seconds, your dog will have no idea what you're angry about. Dogs live in the present, and they only know that you're angry. If you decide to punish your pup for chewing your shoe by keeping her locked up for two hours or by ignoring her all day, your punishment will be ineffective and even destructive, because your Dachshund will learn to fear you or avoid you rather than listen to you.

How To Train Your Puppy

How To Train Your Puppy

Getting a new puppy is a fun and interesting time. You probably went to a breeder or pet store or maybe just saw an ad on the Internet or the newspaper, for puppies, and decided just to check it out. Before you knew it those little eyes and fluffy puppy fur had your heart melting and you were headed home with him or her in your arms. If you are like most new pet owners you had visions of playing fetch with your dog, of watching him frolic at the lake, and of cuddling up on cold nights.

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