Dachsproofing your other pets

Got cats? Dachshunds love them, especially Miniature Dachshunds (see Figure 7-2). Got other dogs? Dachshunds love them, too. However, introductions shouldn't be too sudden.

Figure 7-2: Most Dachshunds get along with cats just fine, with proper introductions.

One good way to introduce your new Dachshund and your other pets is to let each pet hang around in a room where the other pet has been for a while before letting them see each other. One vet I know suggests keeping them in separate rooms with a door between them so they can hear each other before they see each other. Curiosity may eventually get the better of any aggressive impulses.

Another suggestion is placing one of the pets in a large crate in the middle of the room while the other is free to roam around, and then switching roles. This can lead to a smoother introduction as each pet gets used to the presence of the other in a controlled way.

As with many dogs, unneutered males may not get along well with each other, and unspayed females may not, either. Best to have at least one (and I suggest all) of your pets altered (see Chapter 16).

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