Handling Dachshund Health Problems

In This Chapter

^ Understanding why your Dachsie may have back problems ^ Recognizing and addressing disk disease ^ Debating paralysis and quality of life ^ Reviewing other common Dachsie health issues f

■ n general, your Dachshund will probably stay pretty healthy throughout most of his life. But every dog can fall prey to an occasional health problem. In this book, I talk a lot about the fallible Dachshund back. Maybe you have a Dachshund that's already suffering from disk disease, or maybe you're a little nervous that he could experience back trouble. You are right to worry a little, if worrying will encourage you to take some precautionary measures. Dachshunds do tend to have back problems, and prevention is your best course of action.

Dachsies also tend to experience a few other health problems. Yours probably won't, but you'll know what to look for, just in case, after reading this chapter. Here, I discuss everything from back troubles to paralysis to conditions and disorders your Dachshund may have to deal with.

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