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Grooming a longhaired Dachshund is mostly a matter of keeping all those tiny little tangles from becoming great big mats. It takes a little skill and practice, but mostly it takes a commitment to regular grooming — preferably a comb-through every day.

Several books give good instructions on grooming longhaired Dachshunds for the show ring or for pet homes, but nothing beats watching someone who knows the ropes demonstrate for you. Your breeder may be the best person to show you; a professional dog groomer may also be willing to illustrate the basics. You can also talk to breeders at a dog show for tips and demonstrations.

Professionals may recommend additional tools, but here are the basic tools for grooming a longhair:

1 Spray conditioner to use before brushing and combing

1 Pin brush and/or a natural bristle brush

1 Fine-toothed steel comb to work out all the tangles

1 Straight scissors with blunt tips for trimming long paw hair and neatening the ends of the coat

1 Mat splitter (hopefully you won't need it!)

1 Shampoo with conditioner or crème rinse to keep tangles at bay

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    8 years ago
  • tullio angelo
    How to i trim my long haired dachshund for showing?
    6 years ago

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