Mastering the Leash

This section's set of cues are for when you and your Dachshund are walking together — you on one end of the leash and your Dachshund on the other. You may ask "Just who's walking who?" as your Dachsie drags you down the sidewalk. The daily Dachshund walk can be an immensely enjoyable experience, provided that your Dachshund is well-behaved. If not, it can become an irritating and trying task that you'll probably soon abandon.

Lure-and-reward training doesn't work with leash lessons because they involve behaviors or actions that you can't really lure your Dachshund into. However, a few simple, alternative strategies will make your Dachshund's walk all it should be.

See every walk with your Dachshund as a training opportunity. Practice the following lessons each and every time you and your puppy venture outside.

A collar is more likely to strain and even injure your Dachshund's neck than a harness that fits around her shoulders and torso. A harness can give you more control over your puppy and may be more comfortable for your Dachshund. Check your local pet stores, online pet supply companies, and mail-order pet supply catalogs for available harnesses. (See Chapter 8 for more on leashes, collars, and harnesses.)

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