Opting for surgery

ABEff Don't be too quick to take your Dachshund running again, though. Don't ignore follow-up visits or the prescribed physical therapy. Your vet or veterinary surgeon can show you what to do with your Dachshund to help him regain his strength and the use of his legs. Exercises are extremely important to help your Dachshund recover.

The downsides to surgery, other than the high price tag, are the risk to your Dachshund of enduring a general anesthetic (a small but real risk) and the risk that the surgery won't be successful (a very small risk when the surgery is performed by an experienced, board-certified veterinary surgeon within 24 hours after the injury). If surgery is unsuccessful, your Dachshund may be paralyzed anyway or may continue to suffer pain.

(ttNG/ If your Dachshund needs back surgery, you can't just take him to your veterinarian's office. The surgery is complicated and requires the experienced hand of a veterinary neurosurgeon or a veterinary surgeon with an emphasis in orthopedics. If you don't have a veterinary hospital in your area that specializes in back surgery — or at least one that has a surgeon with a lot of relevant experience — check out your nearest school of veterinary medicine. Chances are, the school will be associated with someone who's experienced at back surgery in dogs. The better the surgeon, the better your Dachshund's chances at recovery. No matter the distance, it will be worth the trip.

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