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Dachshunds are adorable but stubborn little creatures, so cultivating the virtue of patience is a necessity for any new Dachshund owner hoping to establish a routine. Just when you think your pup will never learn, he does. (Or he just decides to give in and do what you want, probably because he figured out there's something good in it for him!)

Being impatient and getting irritated at your new pet doesn't help teach him how to behave. It only teaches your Dachshund how to fear you. If you feel yourself getting irritable, stop a training or grooming session immediately, or give your Dachshund a break in his den. If you think you can't stand to clean up one more accident, rethink your housetraining techniques. If you can't stand to clean up the chewed garbage one more time, move the garbage to a place where your puppy can't reach it. A lot of this is common sense if you step back and look at what's really going on.

Sure, puppy behavior can be frustrating, but in most cases, the behavior that really needs changing is yours. Your puppy isn't getting the message, and you need to reexamine your strategy.

Most importantly, don't lose your temper and get angry with your dog. There's never a good reason to strike a dog. Hitting doesn't make sense to dogs; it only makes you appear dangerous and unpredictable. Manage your puppy's behavior in a way that will help improve the behavior to your liking. You're in charge. You can do it.

Many breeders, rescue groups, shelters, and pet stores require a vet visit within the first day or two to activate the health contract. Whether or not this is required, a vet visit is a must for other reasons. A vet can do the following on your first visit with your new pet:

^ Alert you to potential problems with your dog

^ Instruct you on proper care

^ Set up a schedule for first-year vaccinations

^ Do basic maintenance that might be necessary, like de-worming and vaccinations

^ Give you training tips and advice on behavior modification

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