Taking Charge of Your Dachsie

In This Chapter

^ Understanding your Dachshund's inborn tendencies ^ Recognizing natural Dachsie skills ^ Discovering the power of Dachshund wiles

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you'll wonder who's training whom when you get to the end of a long day of Dachshund disobedience. Training a Dachshund is indeed a challenge, and it helps to keep reminding yourself who's the boss — as well as how to be the boss. Nobody ever said training a Dachshund was easy — but it certainly isn't impossible.

Your Dachshund won't mind being the boss, but he'd really prefer that you do the job — and believe me, your life will be a lot easier if you do. You don't want to spend your days subject to the capricious nature of this tiny tyrant. You must take charge, and this chapter shows you the reasons.

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How To Train Your Puppy

How To Train Your Puppy

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