Ten Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dachshund

The foods in the following list won't necessarily harm every dog, but many dogs have developed serious illnesses after eating these seemingly harmless people foods. Why take a chance? I suggest that you never, ever feed your Dachshund any of these ten foods. If you believe your dog has ingested any of them, call your vet right away for advice.

^ Chocolate: Both the theobromine and the caffeine in chocolate can be very harmful to dogs. Baker's chocolate is the worst, but even milk chocolate can make a dog sick.

^ Grapes and raisins: These "treats" can cause kidney failure in some dogs — especially if they eat a lot of them. For a small dog, even a few could cause toxicity.

^ Macadamia nuts: These yummy nuts can be very toxic for dogs, causing vomiting, pain, and neurological symptoms.

^ Onions or garlic: Frequent ingestion of onions can cause severe anemia and even death. Small amounts can cause gastrointestinal distress, because dogs can't digest onions very well. Onions may even be more dangerous than garlic, perhaps because foods often contain more onions than garlic. In fact, many natural pet foods, treats, and homemade dog food recipes contain a little garlic. Some people believe garlic can help ward off fleas. However, neither onions nor garlic should be a daily part of your dog's diet.

^ Coffee and tea: Don't let your Dachshund help you drink your coffee, no matter how cute that may be. The caffeine and other acids in coffee are very unhealthy for him. The same goes for your tea. Plus, dogs that eat coffee beans or coffee grounds can get very ill.

^ Alcoholic beverages: The same goes for your beer, your wine, or your martinis. No, no, and no! (Although I know of one company that makes a non-alcoholic beer for dogs. I haven't tried it, though.)

^ High-fat foods: Dogs don't digest high-fat foods very well, and too many fatty foods can cause pancreatitis — especially in smaller dogs. Your Dachsie may look like a hot dog, but high-fat, processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, and deli meats are dangerous because of the high sodium and nitrate content.

^ Xylitol: This artificial sweetener, which you find in many sugar-free human foods (like sugar-free gum), is very toxic for dogs. If your Dachsie accidentally ingests something with xylitol, call your vet immediately.

^ Avocado: Some pet foods contain avocado, but experts — including those at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center — say that avocado is extremely toxic to some animals, and its effects aren't fully understood in dogs and cats. Avoid avocado, just to be safe.

i Milk and cheese: Some dogs can eat small amounts of dairy products without a problem, but many can suffer from intestinal distress from dairy products (other than the fermented kinds, like yogurt and cottage cheese). Avoid the high-fat, hard cheeses. And your dog really doesn't need to finish the milk in your cereal bowl!

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