Ten Great People Foods for Dachshunds

The foods in the following list may be good foods to give, but always feed these foods in moderation. Use them as a flavorful addition to your Dachshund's regular balanced diet (see Chapter 8):

11 Lean meat: Dogs love meat, and some people (including this book's illustrious Technical Editor) say they don't get enough. Examples include beef, chicken, turkey, or fish. Make sure you give small pieces.

i Lowfat cottage cheese: Dish out just a spoonful to supplement meals and treats, unless this method disagrees with your dog. Many dogs think it's just great, and it adds protein.

i Olive, canola, or flaxseed oil: Drizzle a teaspoon over your Dachshund's kibble. Your dog's skin and coat will feel sooo soft.

i Nonfat, plain yogurt: One tablespoon mixed with your Dachshund's regular food should do the trick. Yogurt is especially good for dogs that are having a mild stomach issue like diarrhea. It helps replenish the gut with friendly bacteria. (Doesn't sound too appetizing, but it's true!)

i Scrambled eggs: A few bits left over from your breakfast makes for a healthy addition to your Dachshund's regular food. Some say this is the perfect protein supplement.

i Broccoli florets: Small pieces, raw or cooked, make good training treats for dogs that like broccoli.

i Lettuce or other greens: Try crunchy bits of Romaine, collards, or kale. Some Dachshunds won't eat this treat (they prefer the meat and beernuts), but some health fanatics love it. (Just kidding, don't give your dog beer nuts!)

i Baby carrots: These are great for treats — they have all the crunch of a dog cookie but none of the starch and preservatives. Cut them in half for Mini Dachshunds.

i Blueberries: These are good fresh or frozen, and they're so fun to play with before they go down the hatch. Some dogs will bat them around for hours. (And then, inevitably, you'll step on one with your bare foot, squishing it into your white carpet. But, hey, you have a dog . . . why do you have a white carpet?)

i Peanut butter: Every now and then, your Dachshund may enjoy licking a little peanut butter off a spoon. Use the natural kind of peanut butter without the added sugar and salt. Rub some on a chew toy and keep your Dachsie engaged for twice as long.

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