Understanding the Defiant Dachshund

In This Chapter

Opening the books on a Dachshund's intelligence Accepting that Dachshunds don't speak English ^ Talking to and understanding the Dachshund ^ Relating to your individual Dachshund

■X ou've heard it from this book (if you've read earlier chapters) and probably from many other places if you've been doing your Dachsie research: Dachshunds are notoriously stubborn. You may also have heard the words defiant, willful, obstinate, headstrong, and intractable. All true, yes, and appropriate in some Dachshunds more than in others.

But this trait is perfectly natural for a Dachshund; it's even part of her considerable charm. This chapter will help you understand why Dachshunds act the way they do in order to help you come to know and train yours better. So-called stubbornness is really a sign of Dachshund intelligence — of an independent thinker that's far more than an obedient automaton. Ask any Dachshund devotee about the Dachshund's stubborn streak, and you'll probably elicit a smile. Instead of angering those who love her, the stubborn Dachshund engenders affection, even pride, because the Dachshund's obstinate nature is anything but malicious. Your little pup is simply smart as a whip. (Feel free to brag about her!)

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    Why are dachshunds so defiant?
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