Utilizing petloss resources

Many excellent books and Web sites are there to help with the subject of pet loss and bereavement. Here are a few good ones I recommend:

1 The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement is a nonprofit group of concerned people who are experienced and knowledgeable in the tender subject of pet death. Members are professional counselors as well as pet-loving people from all walks of life; they're concerned with helping pet lovers cope with this intimate kind of loss. Anyone who's genuinely interested in this subject is invited to join them. Write, call, or check out the Web site for chat groups and extensive resources:

P.O. Box 106 Brooklyn, NY 11230 718-382-0690

www.aplb.org (Web site) [email protected] (e-mail)

i The Loss of a Pet, a book by Wallace Sife, founder of the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (Howell Book House).

i Pet Loss Grief Support at www.petloss.com. This nurturing site includes a Monday Pet Loss Candle Ceremony, tribute pages for pets, and poetry.

i The Pet Loss Web site, at www.findinfo.com/petloss.htm, offers articles about pet loss, online memorials, hotlines, counselors, discussion groups, pet memorial products, stories, and poetry, among other features.

i In Memory of Pets is an Internet pet loss cemetery at www.


i The American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) Grief Counseling services offers a list of pet-loss support hotlines. Look at the following link: www.avma.org/careforanimals/ animatedjourneys/goodbyefriend/plhotlines.asp.

i Companion Animal Related Emotions' (C.A.R.E.) Pet Loss Helpline — a service offered by the University of Illinois' College of Veterinary Medicine — helps people who are dealing with grief or anticipating a loss. You can call Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings between 7 and 9 p.m. Central time at the following number: 877-394-CARE (2273). You can also check out the Web site at www.cvm.uiuc.edu/CARE.

Most of all, remember that it's okay to grieve for your lost pet. Millions of people understand and have been exactly where you are. You loved your Dachshund. Your Dachshund understood you. You're lonely without your pet. Your grief is a sign of your love, and even if you feel you made mistakes as a caretaker and Dachshund companion (we all do), remember that your love made your Dachshund's life better. Similarly, your Dachshund made your life richer and more amazing than it would've been without a Dachsie at your side.

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