When training problems mean health problems

In some cases, training problems or certain unusual behaviors may indicate a health problem in your Dachsie. Apart from individual differences your dog shows, be on the lookout for any of the following behaviors and alert your veterinarian. Better to catch a health problem in the early stages than to ignore it until it becomes life-threatening.

Call your vet if your Dachshund

I Never obeys your commands when she can't see your face.

I Was housetrained but suddenly begins to have accidents inside the house regularly.

I Behaves aggressively for no good reason, especially if you've trained your Dachshund not to bite or if she has never exhibited aggressive behavior before.

I Suddenly becomes shy around people when she wasn't previously.

I Suddenly seems forgetful or confused, possibly bumping into furniture (more common in older dogs).

I Suddenly refuses to come, go on a walk, or move at all.

I Yelps when touched.

I Suddenly becomes destructive, fearful, or hysterical when left alone.

All these behaviors may seem to be training issues, but they could be signs of a serious health problem — possibly of an acute nature. Don't hesitate to call your vet. She's there to answer your questions and keep your Dachshund well.

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