Why Dachshunds have short legs

Another distinguishing feature of the Dachshund is its short legs. Dachshunds have short legs to best fit into badger dens and burrows of other small game. But Dachshunds have been used for all sorts of hunting, not just burrowing, and its characteristically short legs serve the Dachshund well in several ways:

1 Short legs allow a Dachshund to move quickly through dense brush and into spaces that, even though above ground, would be tight fits for a taller dog. In fact, Dachshunds have been used to flush out wild boar, because after the boar is on the loose, the Dachshunds can hide, protected, under the dense underbrush.

1 Underground, the Dachshund's short legs allow her to maneuver well in a burrow. If the game being pursued turns to attack, short legs allow the Dachshund to back up.

1 The Dachshund's compact legs serve as powerful excavators. Dachshunds can dig out anything and dig into or out of anywhere.

1 A Dachshund's short legs keep her closer to the ground and enhance her ability to catch and follow a scent

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