Why you must be in charge

If you don't decide from day one to be in charge of your Dachshund's behavior, he'll take you for a ride. You'll be a slave to his whims, his bad habits, and his begging, barking, chewing, housebreaking mishaps, and other behaviors that you never dreamed you'd have to endure. Remember back in those days when you used to say, "When I have a dog, he'll never do that"?

Raising a Dachshund is hard work. It takes vigilance, consistency, and a refusal on your part to give in. Of course, being consistent and firm, and steeling against those Dachshund wiles, is easier for some than for others. You'll be a step ahead of the game if you first figure out your personal training style, including your strengths and — more importantly — your weaknesses. Check out Chapter 12 to determine your personal training profile, and remember: Stay strong. Be consistent. You are in charge!

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

This is for people who want to potty train their dog NOW. Discover The Ability To Finally Potty Train Your Dog In No Time! I'm going to get right down to it... If you've found this page, either you or someone you know has a puppy that needs to be potty trained. Maybe you've tried a ton of various methods you've read about but have had no success. How can some people potty train their puppy with hardly any effort?

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