How to Build a Dog House

Easy Build Dog House Plans

Building a dog house all by yourself is not only a really easy thing to accomplish, it is a lot of fun and a great investment. It doesn't take a lot of knowledge of construction and building to learn how to build a great and well-insulated dog house, and this guide is the perfect thing to teach you how to make the dog house that your dog wants and needs. Most of the time when you buy a dog house from the store they just jack up the prices, so you're actually saving a lot of money when you choose to make a doghouse yourself instead of buying one. You don't need any special tools, you don't need construction knowledge; you just need a few basic tools like a hammer and saw, and the easy plans in the guidebook and you're set to build your dog a doghouse that it will love! More here...

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Where should I put the doghouse

Place your Lab's doghouse in a shady part of the yard. It will be more comfortable for your Lab if it's in an area that's sheltered from the elements, such as up against a garage or shed that has an overhang. Position the doghouse so the door faces south. This will keep the house cooler in the summer because it will let southern breezes ventilate it. A doghouse that faces south is warmer in winter too, because it provides greater protection from cold north winds and the southern exposure tends to be sunnier. Elevate the doghouse off the ground on a platform or runners, but don't raise it too high, because that will let cold air circulate underneath.

Can my Lab go outside when its really cold

If he's healthy, your Lab will probably be able to tolerate cold temperatures just fine, as long as he's gradually gotten used to cold weather and has adequate shelter. Adequate shelter means a dry, well-insulated doghouse that's thickly bedded. Straw bales piled around the house will add extra insulation in very cold climates. Even though it's cold, your Lab will still need fresh water while he's outside. You'll need to keep his water from freezing dogs can't take in adequate water by eating snow or licking ice. To prevent his water from freezing, you can use a heated water bowl or hang a heat lamp over the bowl. If your Lab spends a lot of time outside in cold weather, he'll need to eat more too the extra calories will help keep him warm.

Bringing The Puppy Home

After the introductions are over, it's time to show the puppy to his sleeping quarters. He's just gone through quite a trial, and he'll welcome the opportunity to regain his equilibrium. Place him in his bed or doghouse and let him alone. You can stop by now and then to reassure him that the bottom has not dropped out of his world. Give him a pat on the head and some words of praise. Most likely he'll huddle in a corner, shivering or shaking, but with your help, he'll recoup his confidence.


Some dogs try to escape because they are frightened. Observe your dog while he is confined. Is there something that is scaring him Sometimes loud construction noises or teasing passersby can make your dog nervous. Again, the solution is in making your dog feel secure, content and relaxed in this area. Spend time with him there and help him build his confidence about being alone. Provide him a secure hiding place in his area in the form of a doghouse or crate.

Prenatal Care

It's a good idea to fix up a whelping box for the bitch during the last week of pregnancy. The whelping box should be square and large enough for the bitch to turn around. It should have sides at least 8 inches high, be draft-free and easily cleaned. If your bitch is going to whelp in her doghouse and this isn't advisable in the winter make sure that she has plenty of clean litter. Put an 8-inch board across the doorway of the house to keep the pups from falling out. You can put tarpaper down on the doghouse floor and then cover it with a thick layer of shredded newspapers or cedar shavings.

Home Kennels

The wood-and-wire kennel needn't take up much space. An area measuring six by twelve feet (and four or five feet high) is adequate. Set the kennel up in a spot that will not be too hot in summer. If you can locate it where it will be partially shaded by trees, so much the better. Also, take care that the kennel is not exposed to the wintry winds. When equipped with a snug doghouse, this wood-and-wire kennel makes an excellent place to keep the suburban dog. You can turn him

About Adam Katz

He has worked as a technical consultant and dog handler for the Canine Communications video production How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Dog House. Adam has also lived in St. Louis, Missouri, where he worked with Tom Rose, an international Schutzhund (a police dog sport) competitor and author of the books, Training the Competitive Working Dog and Dogs That Love and Protect. In addition, he has trained dogs for the Dog House, Inc., a kennel and training facility also in Missouri.

Kennel Sanitation

Thoroughly clean the doghouse and kennel at least twice a month. Choose a good detergent and disinfectant. Compounds containing both a detergent and disinfectant are available. Pick one that is nontoxic and with a high degree of efficiency against the major organisms. The compound should be soluble in water. Follow the directions on the label don't guess at the amounts to be used. Also, allow enough time for the compound to work germs are not killed in a minute. I possible, hose down the doghouse and kennel before using the detergent and disinfectant compound. This will wash away any feces or solid matter. Next, scrub all walls, floors and wooden bases with the compound. Work it into the cracks and corners. Take out any movable fixtures and wash them. Let the solution remain for about a half hour. Afterwards, you can rinse off any excess compound. Follow up the housecleaning by spraying with an insecticide containing lindane, chlordane, pyrethrum or rotenone. Dirt kennels can be...

How To Build A Dog House

How To Build A Dog House

Providing Comfort for Your Outdoorsy Dog. There's no question that everybody needs a place of hisher own, and canines are not any exception. The value of your dog having a comfy quality dog house can't be overestimated. Defense against weather and elements assist to prolong and boost the quality of life for outdoor dogs.

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