Finding a Trainer Whos Right for You and Your

In this chapter I am going to teach you ways to find, screen and work with professional obedience trainers. While it would be great after reading this book for you and your dog to have no need for a trainer, experience tells me otherwise.

The simple fact is some of the solutions I outline in this book won't work for some people. Other owners, even those who are 100 percent successful in addressing behavior problems, will likely need professional help to teach their dog obedience around distractions and to work on socialization. Finally, some owners may experience more difficult behavioral challenges, such as aggression, separation anxiety, and so on. These types of problems, especially aggression, must be addressed by a qualified professional trainer.

Unfortunately, finding the right trainer isn't always easy. Where do you find a good trainer? How do you know if a trainer is good? What questions should you ask of a trainer?

As I write this book in 2003, nowhere in the United States are dog obedience trainers tested or licensed. This is also true in all Canadian provinces. By dog obedience trainers, I mean those people who teach companion or pet dog obedience. (I am not talking about trainers who teach dogs to sniff bombs, work at search and rescue or with police dogs. Nor am I talking about service dog trainers.) To put it another way, anyone who wants to call themselves a pet dog trainer can do so. You can print up business cards, hand them out, set up an answering machine for your new training business and—poof!—you're a dog trainer. That's kind of scary, when you think about it.

Because there are no state or federal standards for dog trainers, it is up to dog owners to make educated choices about whom to hire.

Regardless of which trainer you choose and which training methods and/or principles they subscribe to, there are really only three basic kinds of programs trainers offer:

1. Group obedience training

2. Private obedience training

3. In-kennel training

Dog Training Basics

Dog Training Basics

Are you looking for the quick and easy ways to train your dog to follow whatever you asked him/her to? or maybe you are just sick and tired of your dog behavioral problems and misbehaved without listen to what you are commanding them to follow, then this will be the most important letter you'll ever read for today! If so, are you dreaming of owning a dog that's well behaved, obedient and protective?

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