Food Allergy

Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Peanuts can leave you breathless. Cat dander can lead to itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing. And most of us have suffered through those seasonal allergies with horrible pollen counts. Learn more...

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Food allergies

Food allergies are a big problem because dogs can be allergic to many things, including chicken, beef, various poultry, corn, rice, wheat, milk, soy, or other foods in their diets. The tough part about food allergies is that they can show up weeks, months, or even years after the dog has been eating the same food (or food with some of the same ingredients). So your dog may look a mess, but there's no apparent cause for it. Don't confuse a food allergy with a food intolerance. With a food allergy, the symptoms tend to manifest themselves in the skin and coat. In a food intolerance, the dog can't digest the food properly and has diarrhea or vomiting as a result. Think of people who are lactose intolerant (in fact, dogs can be lactose intolerant, too) they're not allergic to milk they just can't digest the milk sugars. Many people recommend going to a raw diet when a dog shows symptoms of food allergies. Feeding raw or homemade food does nothing to fix an allergy if you end up using the...

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Who are affected with IBD vomit frequently as their main symptom while others go through diarrhea, loose stools, more frequent need to defecate, weight loss, and even anemia. The particular intestinal cell that is inflamed by your dog's case of IBD dictates the actual diagnosis and disease name. Your veterinarian may want to examine your dog's intestines or perform a biopsy to more accurately pin down the condition, but one of the main factors in almost any case of IBD is a food allergy. Your vet will probably recommend a hypoallergenic diet and may also prescribe antibiotics to help calm the allergens in your pup's body. The chart on the next page will give you a more accurate look at the types of IBD, their symptoms, and their specific treatment courses.

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Honest and frank with him or her, he she can't adequately treat your dog. If you can't leave the office without being given a sales pitch for the newest line of top-quality food, ask exactly what it will do for your dog and why you need it. Older dogs with more brittle bones or a lack of energy may benefit from specialized food, many pups have food allergies that prevent them from eating store brands, and some more minor conditions can actually be alleviated through higher-quality food.

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In the United States, lamb was originally introduced as a substitute for beef or chicken, often combined with rice, for dogs with allergies. The use of a previously unfed protein is how veterinarians typically determine the presence of a food allergy. Lamb is no longer effective in isolating food allergies in dogs because it is now found in most commercial dog foods. Today we have lamb, fish, duck, sweet potato, and several other interesting foods to choose from when feeding our pets. Here is a homemade lamb kibble recipe that your dog is sure to love It will keep for 2 weeks in the refrigerator or 3 months in the freezer in an airtight container.


The term dermatitis means an inflammation of the skin. Dermatitis is another one of those skin conditions with vague and various causes. Some of the causes may be internal, others may be external. The internal causes include food allergy, faulty diet, metabolic disorders and intestinal parasites. The external causes include insect or animal bites, blows, scratches, chemical irritation (acids, alkalis, plant juices, insect poisons, etc.), and burns, scalds, freezing and excessive sunlight.

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The effect of overfeeding on stool volume and consistency has already been discussed. Among the causes of diarrhea are worms, protozoan infections, food intolerance, pancreatic enzyme deficiency, and viruses. You and your veterinarian must be persistent in searching for the right cause and the right treatment.