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How to Get Your Home in Order Almost Immediately

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The Garage Sale Toolkit

This guide can teach you everything that you need to learn about planning, promoting, and profiting off of your next yard sale. Most people use a sort of spray and pray method of setting up a yard sale; putting a little bit of advanced planning into your yard sale can set it head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to how well you do. This guide shows you all of the strategies to set up your yard sale like an easy business. And don't let the word business frighten you off; this sort of business is very easy to set up and profit from! All that you need are the tools that we outline in our guide; then you can just set it up and start reaping the profits from it! You will be able to have the best of both worlds; declutter your office AND make money on the side! More here...

The Garage Sale Toolkit Summary

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Keep Your Pooch in a Pet

Although you should never be in a hurry while clipping your dog's coat, you may be looking for the best way to tidy up his fur coat without much hassle. Use the pet cut that I describe in Chapter 7 for occasionally cleaning up or trimming your dog's coat between major clippings.

FREE Housetraining Tip

How you clean up your little puppy messes can have a huge impact on his progress and that's why a whole chapter is devoted to cleaning in Puppy Housetraining The Ultimate Guide. First of all, I cannot stress enough the importance of cleaning up thoroughly ALL your puppy's accidents. A dog's nose is extremely powerful and only one drop of urine is enough to prompt a dog to refresh the spot. Some of you may have subscribed to my free tips because they really don't know how to stop their dog from soiling their carpet over and over again. In Puppy Housetraining The Ultimate Guide, I give you effective step-by-step cleaning up techniques so you won't make matters worse and I explain the different products you can find on the market to successfully eliminate all traces of your dog's mess. You will also find common household products that can help you with that task and I even provide you with a couple of homemade recipes .

Which worms can infect humans

Roundworms are the only common canine internal parasite that can infect humans. This occurs when roundworm eggs shed in the feces hatch and become larvae. The roundworm larva can penetrate human skin and migrate through various organs in the body. This disease, which is called toxocaral visceral larval migrans, is a potential health hazard to people, especially children, who come into contact with contaminated dog feces or soil. Keeping yourself and your family safe from roundworms is another good reason to clean up after your Lab.

Soiling the house and surrounding environment

When he does accidentally soil the place, you have to clean up with organic digesters to rid the place of any remnants of smell. If any smell remains, he is likely to soil that area again. You must never use bleach or ammonia for cleansing. Both of these cleansing agents closely resemble doggie urine.

Remaining calm and patient

Being impatient and getting irritated at your new pet doesn't help teach him how to behave. It only teaches your Dachshund how to fear you. If you feel yourself getting irritable, stop a training or grooming session immediately, or give your Dachshund a break in his den. If you think you can't stand to clean up one more accident, rethink your housetraining techniques. If you can't stand to clean up the chewed garbage one more time, move the garbage to a place where your puppy can't reach it. A lot of this is common sense if you step back and look at what's really going on.

What objects can be dangerous for my dog at home

In the living room, keep dangling wires from lamps, VCRs, stereos, TVs, and phones out of chewing reach. Put your kids' toys away. Move plants out of reach (some houseplants are poisonous to animals). Keep coins and pens, sewing items like needles and thread out of reach. Make sure all heating air vents have a cover .In the garage, keep all chemicals in high shelves or behind secure doors. Clean up all antifreeze from the floor and driveway one lick of most antifreeze can be lethal to any animal. Keep all sharp objects and tools out of reach.

Your Housetraining Shopping List

Plastic Bags When you take your dog outside your yard, you must pick up after her. Dog waste is unsightly, smelly, and can harbor disease. In many cities and towns, the law mandates dog owners clean up pet waste deposited on public ground. Picking up after your dog using a plastic bag scoop is simple. Just put your hand inside the bag, like a mitten, and then grab the droppings. Turn the bag inside out, tie the top, and that's that.

Firstnight Loneliness

First, feed the puppy all the food he'll clean up at one feeding. And here's where a little common sense is needed. Don't mix a half-pound of meal with a pint of milk for a young pup. Granted, you'll have to experiment with the amount for one or two feedings. After that, you will be able to gauge the amounts without too. much difficulty. Start with 4 to 2 cup of meal per feeding. If the pup doesn't eat what you've set down, remove it and reduce the amount at the next feeding. If he cleans it up and seems to want seconds, increase the amount next time. Allow about 20 minutes for the meal. Some pups may gobble their food, others may dawdle.

But I say No and my dog doesnt stop

Then put him in his crate for a 15-minute Time Out while you clean up the mess. 4. Put him in his crate for a 15 minute Time Out, if you have to clean up some mess he has made. Otherwise, let him go. Don't spare him a second glance. If he tries to make up to you by fawning around your feet with a sorrowful look, ignore him.

General Care Of The Pups

The bitch will usually take care of the newborn pup's immediate needs, such as stimulating him to evacuate and then cleaning up afterwards. If she doesn't do it or in the absence of a mother you will have to perform these functions. Dip some absorbent cotton into warm water and massage the pup's abdomen. This will stimulate the pup to have a movement. Wipe the pup clean after the bowel movement.

Chapter A Word About Paper Training

For those of you who live in a high-rise or are disabled, you just have to follow the seven-step technique and bring your puppy to his toilet stop. Again, you don't need to first paper train your dog in this situation. The paper on the floor in your puppy's domain is only a cleaning up tool , not the first step to indoor training.

Determining your training profile

But that's okay, because you don't mind cleaning up the messes all that much. B. Your Dachshund stays in the kitchen with a baby gate that keeps her out of the carpeted areas. Sometimes she chews things, but you're working on that bad habit. You come home for lunch as often as you can. When you don't, you usually have a mess to clean up.

Stocking up on important routine supplies

I Shampoo for dogs This shampoo needs to be pH-balanced for dogs (shampooing your dog often with human shampoo can harm her coat and skin). Ask your vet to recommend a shampoo appropriate for your dog's coat, or look for a professional-grade grooming shampoo, which almost always works better than the grocery store varieties. You can get them in several varieties scented (in all sorts of wonderful smells), hypoallergenic, antifungal, specifically for white or black coats, tearless (a great option for beginning groomers), waterless (for cleaning up your dog in between baths), and so on. Unless you have a specific problem that you're trying to address (ringworm, hot spots, and allergies), you're better off staying with a good dog shampoo that cleans the coat but isn't medicated. You can pick one that smells really nice, too. Cost is 10 to 60 per gallon.

The House on Pooh Corner Soiling in the Home

We went through the bonding process, again focusing on the techniques I use in teaching puppies toilet manners. I recall imparting another useful tip to Georgie always use biological washing powder rather than disinfectant when cleaning up after a dog. This is the only way to break down the fatty enzymes within the feces. Otherwise, the dog can still recognize the smell and will almost certainly come back to the same spot to repeat the procedure. Georgie was, of course, royally fed up with cleaning up after Derek. Unlike the fireman, Tom, and his wife, however, this owner found it hard to adhere to the method. When I saw her two weeks later in the television studio, it was soon obvious she was not following the process properly. Derek was apprehensive in the studio and was looking around at other people rather than to his owner for reassurance. I couldn't help noticing too that she had a pair of rubber gloves in her dressing room. It meant she was not doing the job properly. If she...

To Breed or Not to Breed

Do you have the time Several things can cause a mother dog to be unable to nurse her puppies, such as mastitis (an infection of the breasts). In such cases, you will need to feed the puppies often and around the clock. Even after they are weaned, you will have to be there four times a day to feed them. You will also spend a lot of time cleaning up after them. If your life is already hectic, do you really have the time

Collecting the musthaves

Expensive Clothes For Dachshunds

Following is your list of pet supply staples. These items are pretty much non-negotiable. Your Dachshund needs them. You can spend a little or a lot on, say, a leash or a food bowl. You can even buy most of the supplies at garage sales or borrow them from friends who no longer have dogs. But you need to find the following items, one way or the other Garage sales are good sources for buying gates, because people often sell their baby gates when their kids get older.

Tell me just how often a little pup needs to relieve himself

M Through the day it is good to take him out at intervals of 45 -60 minutes even if he has not been fed. This is because his tiny bladder and bowels get full rather fast and must be emptied regularly. Isn't it better to go out at regular pre-defined intervals, instead of cleaning up doggie mess indoors

Finding a Place to Exercise Off Leash

Hopefully, it is not necessary to remind you that you must clean up after your dog. My favorite cleanup method is a plastic bag pulled over my hand like a glove. Once the stool is picked up, I pull the plastic bag back over my hand and knot it. These bags are convenient to carry in your pocket. Use a part of the park that is least used, away from eating areas and places where children play. Don't ruin a privilege for everyone clean up after your dog. Keep in mind that even if you clean up after your dog, there is some residue left in the grass that picnickers shouldn't have to sit in or children play in.

An accident is an accident is an accident

When you come upon an accident, always keep calm. Put your dog out of sight so he can't watch you clean up. Use white vinegar or a stain remover. Don't use any ammonia-based cleaners, because the ammonia doesn't neutralize the odor and the puppy will be attracted to the same spot.

Fine China

Finding good china that suitable for being pushed around the floor when your dog attempts to get that last piece of kibble can be a challenge. Perusing the pet store can prove disappointing when you see how much those cute food bowls with the little bones on them cost. So where do you go Try a thrift shop, a church bazaar or a garage sale. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the variety of nice tableware that can be found at such venues. And talk about reasonable Most people will sell their old china off for next to nothing, justifying your purchase of several bowls for different occasions. Cost under 2

Special Problems

The saying is that curiosity killed the cat, implying that cats are curious creatures. They are, but dogs are right up there in position number-two, especially if you're involved in the activity. Dogs want to be with us, even if that means getting into situations they really should avoid. As a result, dog owners have to clean up the resulting mess. Here are ways to clean up some special messes

What to Expect

There is also the fact that your puppy won't have adequate bladder and bowel controls before she's 16 weeks old. In other words, she's not able to hold it for long periods so you must be extra vigilant during that period. But that doesn't mean that you can't start housetraining her the minute she put her paws into your home. It just means that you have to expect your puppy to have a couple of accidents. But don't worry, this Guide contains everything you'll need to handle these little mishaps, from how to react to how to clean up.

Establish A Routine

Make sure the spot is not too far away from the door. Always take your puppy, on a leash, directly to the bathroom spot. Take him for a walk or play with him only after he has eliminated. After you clean up an accident in the house, take the soiled rags or paper towels and leave them in the bathroom spot. The smell will help your puppy recognize the area. He will know it as the place he is supposed to eliminate in. While your puppy is eliminating, use a word or phrase, like go or potty before he eliminates to remind him of what he's supposed to be doing.


At first there will be no rhyme or reason to where your pup eliminates. He will go everywhere and anywhere. He will also probably play with the papers you've put, chew on them and drag them around his little den. Most puppies do this and you should have tremendous patience. Don't get upset just accept it as life with a young puppy. The important thing is that when you get home, clean up the mess and lay down fresh papers.

While youre away

Confine him to an area with enough room for a sleeping space, a playing space and a separate place to eliminate. In the area designated as the elimination place, you can either use newspapers or a sod box. To make a sod box, place sod in a container, like a child's small, plastic swimming pool. You can also find dog litter products at a pet supply store. If you clean up an accident in the house, take the soiled rags or paper towels, and put them in the designated elimination place. The smell will help your puppy recognize the area as the place where he is supposed to eliminate.

Car and RV Travel

Dog owners must be responsible and clean up after their dogs. It's not only the law, but it's also the right thing to do. If the owner of a dog doesn't clean up after her, who else will Plastic bags are easy to carry and the waste can be dropped in the nearest trash can.

Getting Prepared

The kitchen is usually the best choice because it is a busy place. Dogs really need to feel that they are part of the family and being in the middle of all the action is highly motivating for them. In general, a kitchen ffoor is also easy to clean up which is a must during housetraining.


In order to reward your dog for relieving himself outside, you must always go outside with him, even if you have a fenced yard. Keep the treats right by the door so you can grab some as you go out. If you want to teach your dog to relieve himself in one particular place in the yard, take him to that place and stay with him until he does. You may want to keep the treats outside by this area in a plastic container. Don't let your dog play until he has relieved himself. You want to establish a habit of him relieving himself before you play, go for walks, or get into the car. You can encourage your dog to use a particular area by placing his feces or the paper towels that you have used to clean up his urine there.

The All Adult Family

If things are a mess (or even a disaster) when you return, greet the dog, take her outside to eliminate, then put her in her crate while you clean up. Rant and rave in the shower Do not punish the dog. You were not there when it happened, and the rule is Only punish as you catch the dog in the act of wrongdoing. (Obviously, it makes sense to bring your latchkey puppy home at a time you'll have a week or two to spend on these training essentials.)

Dog Sanitation

There was one valuable observation that came out of the conference, one that everybody present agreed upon. It was this if the city dog owners wanted to prevent a mass exile of their dogs, it was up to them to control their dogs in public places and to clean up the mess when an accident occurred. Accidents will happen and dogs are not always able to get to the street in time. This is especially true of dogs that are confined all day in an apartment. They hold it in and then can't make it to the street. If this happens to your dog, clean up the mess. Nobody would object to this. But when people look the other way when their dog commits a nuisance of this sort, tempers boil.

The Newborn Pups

Next, clean up the whelping box, clear away the equipment and let the new mother take care of her pups. You might try her with some food warm milk or warm milk and Pablum will be nourishing. Don't be surprised if she refuses to eat. It will not be long before she is looking for her meal, especially when the pups start nursing in earnest.

Accidents Happen

Take your pup and a paper towel to the mess. Point to the urine or feces and calmly tell your puppy, no potty here. Then scoop or sop up the accident with the paper towel. Take the evidence and the pup to the approved potty area. Drop the mess on the ground and tell the dog, good potty here, as if she had done the deed in the right place. If your pup sniffs at the evidence, praise her calmly. If the accident happened very recently, your dog may not have to go yet, but wait with her a few minutes anyway. If she eliminates, praise her. Afterwards, go finish cleaning up the mess.

Homemade Products

You can easily concoct cleaning up solutions made from household products. Mix one part of vinegar to three parts of warm water from the faucet and one cap of liquid detergent, like Ivory. Bicarbonate of soda is also very useful since it can absorb most of the liquid. All you have to do next is to vacuum it. You can also use a cold-wash laundry detergent that contains enzymes that you will mix with enough water to dissolve the powder.

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